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Frequently asked questions

All preparations in the form of kibbles or wet food available on the market do not always contain quality ingredients. In fact, they are made with the by-products (processing waste) of the food industry. MioFido offers three recipes based on natural and fresh ingredients: Chicken, vegetables and rice: Pork, vegetables and rice: Beef, vegetables and rice.

Feeding based on fresh food requires a balanced recipe and a lot of time for the pet owners to prepare the meals on a daily basis. Most of the pet owners do not have enough time to devote to this activity and prefer to rely on the convenience of industrial food, which is cheap, always available and easy to transport, especially when travelling. MioFido is a complete preserved food ready to be fed to your dog: it can be stored in the pantry and kept in the refrigerator after opening the jar, if they don’t consume all of it at once. It can be heated by adding hot water or in the microwave (once the closing lid has been removed). The glass jar clearly shows the content, and the ingredients can be stored for up to 12 months from the production date without any qualitative alterations.

Perhaps not everyone knows that there are two types of dog food on the market: complete food and complementary food. Most of the preparations are complementary food (as compulsorily marked on the label) and must be integrated with other substances to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Miofido is a complete dog food and contains all the nutritional elements the animal needs, so integration is not necessary. MioFido recipes have been developed by a veterinary nutritionist, in line with the FEDIAF guidelines for canine nutrition and are complete and balanced, to meet the needs of our dogs.

Feeding in general is a delicate and personalized practice and therefore it is always advisable to speak first with a veterinary, who will also suggest how to switch from one diet to another.

Many vets recommend home feeding even for shorter or longer alternating periods, in order to reduce pathologies such as dermatitis, digestive difficulties, and nutritional deficiencies caused by incorrect nutrition and poor quality products. The evident benefits will be a marked enthusiasm of your dog at meal-time, a shinier coat, an improved digestion, greater energy and vitality of your canine friend. MioFido also provides greater hydration, thanks to a high humidity (about 60%). Compared to fresh food, dry food such as kibble contains only 10% humidity, so the dog will have to drink much more. Be reminded also that a food rich in water is very useful in preventing the formation of stones in the urinary tract.

MioFido meals are prepared with fresh ingredients the way you would: in a balanced way for a correct and complete feeding of the dog. MioFido was formulated with the contribution of veterinary nutritionists. We only use fresh and top-quality ingredients (the same used for a human diet) to provide a balanced diet and the right nutritional intake your dog needs.

MioFido is produced in authorized premises and periodically controlled by the health authorities in charge, in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the European Economic Community on dog food safety. The company policy and quality are as transparent as the glass jars that contain the products and visually show the content.

MioFido has no purchase restrictions! You can order as many jars as you wish through our ecommerce and have them delivered directly to your home or pick them up at our factory. MioFido is available in jars of 150g, 250g, 350g, or 600g. The sample daily dog feeding chart with the recommended doses per dog size is available on our website.