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carrots, peas, potatoes, chicken breast and liver, pork loin and liver, beef pulp and liver are the ingredients that we mix by hand to obtain a complete, healthy, and tasty meal.

Our secret? Taking care of every detail of the production process

By hand we chop the meat and cut the vegetables, we mix all the ingredients to obtain a complete and ready-to-eat meal, and then we preserve it to maintain its fragrance for a long time without using the refrigerator.

Our transparency is our promise

What we write on the product label is clearly visible from the glass jar: you could even count the pieces of meat, vegetables, potatoes, etc. Transparency is at the heart of our company vision.

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Fresh and first choice ingredients (chicken breast, beef sirloin, pork loin), so to increase the quality of the product and guarantee a genuine and safe meal.

It can be kept outside the refrigerator without the addition of preservatives for 12 months (kibbles and wet foods, on the other hand, contain chemical preservative additives).

The recipes are created in collaboration with a specialized veterinarian to offer a complete and balanced diet to the dog.

All our preserved foods are sold in transparent glass jars which allow you to see the quality of each individual ingredient and do not release potentially harmful substances so to keep the original quality of the food.

Each glass jar is completely recyclable, in full respect of environmental sustainability.

From our website you can easily download the digestibility certificates of our preserved food, we want to be even more transparent with our customers.

The quality ingredients are selected carefully and the meal is ready in your jar, you just need to open it and pour the contents into a bowl. This makes them even more practical for travelling with your dog.